Windows command prompt syntax

Interactive mode

GTC can be started in interactive mode by typing GTC at the command prompt.

To stop the interpreter, type quit(), or CTRL-Z.

Script processing

The syntax when running GTC at the command prompt is:

GTC [-i | --interact] [drive:][path][file]


  • [ ] indicates an optional element
  • -i or --interact : cause GTC to remain in interactive mode after processing input file(s)
  • [drive:][path][file] : the drive, path and filename(s) of script files (including file extension)

When there are no command line arguments, the calculator starts an interactive interpreter.

Files passed to the calculator will be executed in the order that they appear on the command line.

Other options

GTC has several other command line options:

--version       show the version number
-h, --help      show a brief message about command-line options
-p, --plain     suppress the ``GTC`` banner output at the start of interactive mode